Postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. My field of research is mathematical physics.

My research focuses on Quantum Graphs - spectral geometry of metric graphs:

  • Nodal domains and magnetic stability.

  • Neumann domains. 

  • Generic properties of eigenfunctions.

  • The geometry of the space of eigenfunctions.


Technion, Math dep. office 522


A Quantum Graph

This gif shows the evolution of a wave function on a quantum graph.
In this plot we see  |f(x,t)|^2  (the probability density) changing in time according to Schrödinger's equation, starting from a Gaussian of positive velocity.




Published papers (or in press)


In preparation

  • Generic Eigenfunctions of Quantum Graphs  
    L. Alon

  • On a universal limit conjecture for the nodal count statistics of quantum graphs     
    L. Alon, R. Band, G. Berkolaiko  


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Secular manifold
secular manifold
secular manifold
An eigenfunction on a graph

Teaching (T.A) Notes

Calculus 2

חדו"א 2ת

בלינק הבא תמצאו את התירגולים שלי בחדוא 2ת.  תירגלתי את הקורס בשנים 2015-2019

You can find my tutorial notes in the following link. These are in Hebrew

Complex Analysis

תורת הפונקציות (פונקציות מרוכבות)

בלינק הבא תמצאו את התירגולים שלי בתורת הפונקציות. תירגלתי את הקורס בחורף 18\19

You can find my tutorial notes in the following link.



Technion, Math dep. office 522

lioralon54 'at'


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secular manifold

A linear flow on the torus piercing the secular manifold of a graph. Colors indicating magnetic stability.

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